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What Our Clients Had to Say…

It can only be described as a true jewel-box of a home!

We called upon Arlene and her outstanding crew in hopes that they could help us accomplish a nearly impossible task of completely renovating a 1974 Federal-style home located in a small town in Eastern Kansas. Despite the fact that the future resident was living in Florida at the time and the main contractor specialized in commercial projects rather than residential, the Design Connection, Inc. team didn’t shy away from this immense challenge and did a truly outstanding job over the course of the months that it took to complete the project. In the end, the new home that Arlene and her team designed, and each of the many new spaces that were created both inside and outside of the home, now constitute what can only be described as a true jewel-box of a home that sets the standard for what can be accomplished when exceedingly careful attention is paid to each and every detail by a group of people who commit to working together to get the job done right, notwithstanding the seemingly endless list of challenges posed. The family is absolutely as pleased with all of the work that Design Connection, Inc. did. Few if any other designers in Kansas City could have tackled this job. Arlene and her crew did it with grace and excellence. We are confident that they will be able to tackle your project and bring to your life the same level of joy they have brought to ours.

Her design selections were spot on!

Testimonial_MastersAfter 15 years in our home it was time for some serious updates! Arlene and her staff were able to completely transform our main floor into beautifully functional spaces that our family will enjoy for the next season of our lives. We had floor to ceiling projects and no area was left untouched! From kitchen cabinets and countertops, new appliances, new flooring, paint throughout, bathroom redone, new furniture, window treatments, artwork, and even accessories, no detail was overlooked. The contractors Arlene used were professional, reliable, and performed high quality work. Her design selections were spot on and she or her staff were on site every step of the way. We love the new look of the total transformation!

They are all masters in their trade.

Testimonial_MastersArlene Ladegaard and her team were fantastic to work with. They not only have the design expertise but also the list of top notch subcontractors to finish our job in a timely manner. They are all masters in their trade. We initially contacted Arlene to assist us with our outdated family room. She came to our home and assessed that our needs were not being met with our current configuration in our kitchen/hearth room. After seeing Bailey’s architectural plans to reconfigure the kitchen, we saw how it made sense to utilize the space we had and add an eat-in island to help solve our storage problem and add seating around the island. The cabinets we selected are not only beautiful but built to last. Arlene had all the best contacts to complete our project. She thought of so many big and little things we would have never thought of. We are so appreciative to Arlene and all her staff for their dedication and professionalism they displayed while working on our project. They handled all the scheduling and most of the details of the project. While it wasn’t cheap to complete this large scale project, we feel it is worth it as we will live in and enjoy our home for many years to come. Ultimately, we did an almost entire first floor remodel and we love it. As Arlene predicted, we are using rooms we never had spend time in. Our redesigned kitchen and family room have become gathering places. Thank you again to Arlene Ladegaard and Design Connection for designing us this beautiful space!

The entire process was simple for us!

Testimonial_BlumeAbout a year ago, our family was at a point where we needed to make an important decision. Our two boys were both going to be in the same elementary school. We considered moving to a new neighborhood, but we really enjoyed the school and friends that we had here.

In researching our options, we found Arlene Ladegaard and the Design Connection, Inc. team on the Houzz website. We set up an initial consultation and talked through all of our thoughts between building a new house and remodeling our current house. Arlene did an excellent job of talking through potential options for us and spent a lot of time listening to our likes.

We decided to remodel our entire lower level to make the space more family friendly. Arlene and the team came up with a design to make better use of our kitchen space, add storage for kids’ toys and games and to update all of the fixtures and flooring.

The entire process was simple for us, Arlene’s team came up with materials, drawings and designs and we approved the approach. When it came to construction, Project Manager Bailey Amtower did an excellent job. She provided us with a three-month calendar of who would be in our house and what they would be doing each day. If a change in schedule was needed, she let us know in advance.

The contractors that Design Connection used are some of the best I have ever encountered. They were all experienced craftsmen who arrived on time and did not leave a mess. This is important when you have people in your house every day for two to three months!

The entire project finished on-time and on-budget. Bailey also did an amazing job at creating and ensuring that any possible punch-list items were taken care of. When we originally built our house, the punch list seemed to be a long and drawn out process. The small list we had was completed before furniture was delivered! I can’t stress enough how easy this part was.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our decision to remodel versus moving and extremely happy with the work and design done by the Design Connection team.

Thanks Arlene and team!

Everything looks great! We are very happy!

Testimonial_CallegariArlene, my husband and I would like to thank you for all your time, knowledge and generosity with our kitchen remodel.

Everything looks great! We are very happy! You have an exceptional team. Bailey was so nice to get to know and did an expert job working with all the subs and keeping everything on schedule. It was a pleasure to work with all your team, Pam Shane and Courtney.

Though the decision making process was extensive, I feel we achieved a beautiful kitchen with all your guidance and hard work. THANK YOU!

Enjoying the final product!

Testimonial_ShawneeArlene is a creative designer who listened to our ideas of what we wanted and came up with plans to make the outcome lovely. She let us know what the design cost would be as soon as she had a developed design. Design Connection is organized into a team of people who divided up supervision of the tasks involved in the remodeling project to insure its successful and on-time completion. She brought quality contractors into the project who delivered good results. Before any work began, we were given a day-by-day calendar that indicated who would be in our house and what they would be doing during the 3-month project. We are enjoying the final product!

Absolutely perfect!

Testimonial_FlickingerArlene Ladegaard of Design Connection, Inc. has just completed a second project in my home. She listened to my dreams and desires then transformed my spaces into rooms of beauty that are immensely livable. She nailed my style with colors, furnishing, carpet, paint, and a custom fireplace. The installation of the products was completed by first class contractors. I love, love, love my new rooms! They are absolutely perfect!!!

Amazing strategies… We Love It!

Little did I realize that when I invited Design Connection, Inc. to help with the layout of the family room, that Arlene Ladegaard was going to declare war on my kitchen. It failed miserably with the rest of the home. She said, “Well, if we start first in the kitchen, the rest of your home will fall into place.” Additionally she asked, “What did I want? And, what did I dislike?” She listened and addresses all of it! We remodeled the kitchen from top to bottom, thinking of every last detail down to the lighting and hardware. Through some amazing strategies from Arlene and her team, she showed us exactly how the structure and the core of the kitchen now meet the architectural style of the rest of our home. She redesigned and rebuilt our dream kitchen to be of 21-century standards and we love it!

Stunning… Sophisticated… Beautiful.

I recently worked with Arlene and her team on a whole house renovation. She listened and was quick to pick up on exactly my taste, wants and needs. The finished product is stunning and a total transformation of a house stuck in the 70’s to a sophisticated open floor plan reflecting today’s beautiful finishes and design. Her scope of work ranged from removal of walls, total kitchen, powder room, master bedroom and en-suite, furniture, rugs, etc. down to napkin rings! Beautiful. So very much fun working with Design Connection and their strong leader, Arlene Ladegaard. Bravo.

Professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.

We hired Arlene with Design Connection, Inc. after we moved into our newly built dream home. She came in and very quickly assessed exactly what I needed in each room. We focused on window treatments first and then went on to furniture. We are taking things room by room to keep in line with our budget.

Arlene is very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. She is responsive. She is quick to put together your info sheet with items and pricing and has equally professional installers. It’s so nice that the only waiting you’ll have to do is for any of your custom items to be made- which is to be expected. When you hire Arlene, you feel like you are her number one client.

She puts together amazing fabrics, textures, colors etc. She really took note of my style and is picking colors and patterns that I like. I was so pleased when I saw the layout of what she had put together for me because I felt like it was exactly what I would have picked out if I could have done it myself.

A spa experience every day!

Clean, clear, crisp. A master bath should transport you where you want to be. A bit of nostalgia dashed with adventure. In our case, Paris. Or, closer to home, a spa experience every day!

Saving the best for last, the master bath makeover is the crowning jewel of our whole-house renovation. Although we kept the original footprint, Arlene and the Design Connection team totally transformed the space with a stunning, perfectly-positioned freestanding tub. We pulled the Jacuzzi (never used) in favor of freestanding (yes, it’s used!). Soft grey walls shimmer against Italian floor tile and porcelain tile in the shower and behind the tub resembles precious marble. The dark chocolate cabinets are complemented by matching vertical mirrors highlighting the tall ceiling. Caesarstone countertops again with a marble-look are virtually maintenance-free leaving more time for tub enjoyment! And the sleek Euro door shower gives an added continental feel.

We love how the light cascades from a gorgeous vintage-inspired chandelier and shines off the polished nickel fixtures. The unique single sconce between the mirrors offers extra allure.

Arlene and her team thought of everything right down to a special tiled area in the walk-in closet for our cats’ personal needs! Now with such class and comfort all around, who really needs the Champs-Elysees?

Quality, Professionalism and Trustworthiness

Design Connection, Inc. has helped us update our twenty-five year home in phases. The most recent update was our hall bath and master bedroom and bathroom. We chose Arlene Ladegaard because of her award winning design skills. She has involved us in each phase to help customize the projects to what we were looking for. Other factors important to us were the quality, professionalism and trustworthiness of the contractors. The Design Connection, Inc. team has given us a fabulous updated home and we would highly recommend them.

Quiet Elegance, Tailored Comfort and Simplicity

Our relationship with Arlene began about four years before we actually met… my husband would leaf through magazines and always paused at pages showing her room designs. The quiet elegance, tailored comfort and simplicity were so appealing. No dramatic “ruffles and flourishes” as he called them – just excellent color choices, texture and quality.

In July of 2014, our house suffered tremendous damage from a leak while we were away on vacation. It was after this that we called on Arlene to assist us with our: kitchen/eating area, dining room, great room, office, study, two bathrooms, wet bar, family room, in-home theater, and bedroom.

Over the next six weeks we met with Arlene and members of her design team. Room by room, we watched them design a comprehensive, integrated, and coherent interior for our house. With Arlene’s encyclopedic knowledge and intercontinental life style experiences, she brought our home a new, understated elegance mixed with comfort and approachability.

Arlene was very careful to select timeless elements that unified and flattered the project as a whole, and that highlighted her eye for color, texture and proportion. Just as we had witnessed in the magazines featuring Arlene, her tasteful and tailored signature was readily apparent in our project too. This is truly comprehensive interior design – not mere interior decoration.

Throughout the entire process, Arlene and her team provided timely and comprehensive input to my construction team and between them, completed the entire project exceeding the most stringent standards of excellence in construction and finish.

Collaborative, professional, and instructive.

Arlene Ladegaard absolutely excels at interior design. She really listens to her clients as to their goals, lifestyles, tastes, preferences, and budget. She’s not a designer who has to have it her way, or else. She is at once collaborative, professional, and instructive. All of her design team members are a pleasure to work with, and are extremely responsive and helpful.

I had never worked with an interior designer for a complete project before hiring Arlene. She completely transformed my living room from a mismatched hodgepodge of furniture to a coordinated, balanced, “grown up” room that both respects and accentuates the architecture of my home. I can now entertain friends, family, and clients in both style and comfort. I will, without hesitation, recommend her to friends, colleagues, and clients whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you Arlene!

We are impressed with the quality of work done to our new home.

After purchasing a house with perfect layout and orientation in a fabulous neighborhood with great schools, we hired Design Connection to get us the rest, the dream kitchen and the modern interior style my husband and I craved.

We had hardly any experience in remodeling a house. Having spent most of our adult lives in San Francisco, we mostly lived in condos and apartments that were less than 1000-sqft. We wanted someone who would understand our style and wants, manage all the work with only necessary input from us (my husband travels and we have two young children under the age of 3), and give us a finished house with highest quality possible. And Arlene did exactly that for us, and more.

Arlene understood what we wanted immediately having lived in California and Europe. Moreover, she was realistic and honest about which part of our vision would work and which part wouldn’t. For example, our house had a more traditional architectural style, so she pointed out that the modern style we were used to would not work with the house and recommended a scaled down version instead. She was very good at prioritizing work that needed to be done versus things that were nice to have, for budget’s sake. Also, Arlene was meticulous on getting all the details just right, and asked the contractors she worked with their highest quality of work.

She asked our opinions only when needed and took the initiative to decide on things she knew she could handle without involving us. In the four mouths it took to get the remodeling done, we were given frequent updates on the progress but were never stressed about the details. And the project was completed right on schedule.

The only thing we wished we would’ve done differently was that we should have hired Arlene before we purchased the house. With Arlene’s keen designer eyes and expertise, she pointed out things that really needed to be replaced/redone/updated that were not on our radar. When all was said and done, we had a brand new and furnished kitchen and everything on the main and second floor (except the master bathroom) had been re-touched/replaced/updated. The scope of the project was much larger than we thought initially, and the final expense of the project reflected that.

My husband and I are completely in love with our house. After moving in for about a month, we are impressed with the quality of work done to our new home, which is as functional as it is beautiful. We love it! We are looking forward to many happy memories watching our two children grow up in this house. Arlene’s assessment on what needed to be done in the house was spot-on. We are very glad we finished what we did before moving in, despite the much higher cost of the project.

We have more planned with Arlene. Phase two will include additional furnishing/decorating and updating our master bathroom. And we can’t wait!
– M. Wang

With Ladegaard’s professionalism and “eye for detail”, the finished project is sure to be pure elegance.

Bringing together the best of Classic European Old World Style and individual personality, Arlene Ladegaard of Design Connection, Inc., is devoted to the importance of allowing the clients individual ‘stamp’ to shine through in the finished project.

Familiar with my love for texture, Arlene, from the moment we broke ground, has been engaged in the smallest of details throughout our new home. Her experience is priceless. In business some thirty-plus years, Arlene has groomed solid relationships around the world, in her field, to assure her clients that their desires and needs can be achieved.

Grasping our vision, Arlene, and her excellent team, went to work pulling together “option” of European style cabinetry, various ornate hand-carved trims, beautiful tile selections, Italian marble, exquisite crystal, and wrought iron chandeliers and light fixtures, used brick put in a herringbone pattern for our seventeen foot barrel ceiling in the Hearth Room, the list is endless. Incredible detail work!

Arlene is also well aware that fabrics cloth rooms with color and fix the rooms personality and style. Some fabrics, as those used on the chairs in the Great Library (stained glass look), bring a touch of bygone elegance; others, such as carefully chosen cotton prints, velvets, silks, and old lace, are absolutely timeless. It took great talent, an artistic eye, and patience, to create our wrought iron winding staircase that matches the exquisite front and back doors.

We are now engaged in finding, and securing, the ever-so-important “finishing touches” to our Dream Home. Not to worry… with Ms. Ladegaard’s professionalism and “eye for detail”, the finished project is sure to be pure elegance.
– R. Stonecipher

Unique master retreat that completely nailed my style.

I met Arlene about 11 years ago when I was beginning to build what I call my dream home. I definitely knew I wanted a professional interior designer to help me, and when I met Arlene at a Home show I was immediately drawn to her decorating style. Our personalities clicked and I hired her to assist me in designing my entire home. After reviewing the original plans for my kitchen/great room combination, Arlene made suggestions that would maximize the blending of the open floor plan and functionality of my kitchen. She re-did the plans for the kitchen and designed a new ceiling style for the 20’ ceiling in the great room–both turned out phenomenal!

Arlene was involved in every aspect of designing my home, from creating the architectural plans, selecting and providing flooring, plumbing, lighting and window treatments to furnishing my entire home. She made sure that my home was turnkey ready and oversaw every detail down to the smallest accessories. I continued to use her services through the years for décor updates in just about every room, including redecorating my library and living room. Arlene redesigned my outdoor living space and did an excellent job addressing the previous contractor’s unsatisfactory work. She completed the outdoor kitchen and created a furnished living area that was beyond my expectations.  Most recently, Arlene updated my master bedroom and bathroom. She designed the furniture, giving me a unique master retreat that completely nailed my style. I trust her judgment in taste so much that sometimes I don’t even see some things before she orders; I know it will be correct. In my opinion she is the best!
– M. White

Classically elegant, timelessly beautiful and ready to make more memories!

We love our homes, don’t we? They reflect our past, celebrate our present, foreshadow our future… but from time to time, they need an update!

Arlene and the talented team at Design Connection, Inc. expertly spearheaded an extensive renovation of our home. Bringing our residence into the new millennium, Arlene assessed our family’s needs, assembled construction crews, presented options and attentively guided us through the entire process with wisdom, candor and good humor. From paint job, hardwood floors and carpet to appliances, countertops and hardware; from the big picture to that final faucet, Arlene professionally transformed our home into one with lasting impact: Classically elegant, timelessly beautiful and ready to make more memories!
– E. Anderson

Very good value… Great service and great results!

Arlene and the team at Design Connection, Inc. did a wonderful job updating my home! They were reliable, professional, and my home is finally functional and comfortable. The selections are classically elegant, and will add beauty and comfort to my home for years to come – very good value. I look forward to completing the remaining rooms with Design Connection, Inc.’s assistance. Great service and great results!
– Bernice Duletski

Can’t believe the changes.

My wife and I really want to express how happy we are with our renovations. Your design choices in our new rec room really achieved what we were after; a warm inviting area to watch TV with the family as well as a sophisticated and “cool” area to entertain. While we sometimes were nervous about making such big changes to our space, you always saw the final product and you were right on. Our kitchen makeover turned out just as well. The new, large single level island is a godsend. We certainly bit off quite a bit with this project and you always helped keep our stress levels down. Everyone that has seen the new spaces can’t believe the changes and they all tell us how much they love the new digs. Thanks to your entire team for all the great work!
– The Alumbaughs

The highest standard in interior design.

Prior to working with Design Connection, Inc. we purchased four major pieces of furniture for our family room. We were at a standstill as to the furniture design of the room. Seeing Design Connection, Inc.’s photos and feature stories in local magazines, I was attracted to Arlene Ladegaard’s design concepts.

Arlene magically transformed our living space into a beautiful and comfortable environment for relaxing and entertaining. She graciously accepted our ideas and incorporated them into an elegant design, changing our room from outdated to updated.

Working with Arlene and her staff has been a delightful experience. We highly recommend Arlene Ladegaard and Design Connection, Inc. as the highest standard in interior design.
– Randi and Joel F.

I can honestly say there is no comparison!

I had hired a “decorator” when we built our house seven years ago — my first experience with having professional help. Now that I’ve worked with Design Connection, I can honestly say there is no comparison! I had followed Arlene’s work for a while on Facebook and her website, wanting to get a feel for the style and types of projects. When I finally first met with her, I knew it was going to be a fantastic experience!

Our new great room looks absolutely beautiful but still feels like “us” and it can be lived in! I could never have come even close to what she has designed for our space.

I will also say, excellent on follow-through, well organized, and greatly appreciated the periodic updates that kept me informed of the progress. I hope to work with her again for another project soon!
– L. Ladesich

Feel like pampered guests in a five star hotel suite.

Thanks to Arlene and her team for creating a beautiful master bedroom and bath. My husband and I feel like pampered guests in a five start hotel suite, but with our own personal touches! Arlene incorporated some existing elements to create a harmonious result in our home. The process was stress free and all the contractors were top notch professionals.
– Karen C.

We will not hesitate to hire her again – and in fact, already have!

We hired Arlene to design our basement project for us. We ended up with 1,700 square feet of family room, kitchen, gym, playroom (bed room), study area and a full bath. The basement looks wonderful! Honestly, it puts the rest of our house to shame it looks so good.

Arlene works hard and can be quick with an opinion but her work is really outstanding. The few times when we disagreed or were not sure we talked about it and after thinking about it almost always went with Arlene’s suggestion — and that’s a good thing because we discovered her taste and knowledge is far superior to what we thought we’d picked up watching home renovation shows. We will not hesitate to hire her again – and in fact, already have! A+
– James C.

Our home is beautiful thanks again to Design Connection, Inc. team.

Arlene Ladegaard has amazed us again. We have just completed another round of updates to our home. Our white wood work has been transformed into beautiful wood accents. She chose beautiful fabrics to recover our furniture. Mohair, silk and metallics gave our dated furniture a new lift. The faux painting was the most dramatic change of all. Our new changes made our home a place of beauty and wonderful to come home to. Arlene was with us every step of the way to ensure a mistake was not made. Our home is beautiful thanks again to Design Connection, Inc. team.
– Mary W.

A daunting task into a fabulous reality.

I would like to thank Arlene and team for turning a daunting task into a fabulous reality. When we recently moved into our new home we loved the floor plan but knew it needed some updating. Having gone through the process of home makeovers in our previous homes we had some experience, but found ourselves struggling to prioritize where to begin with this home. Arlene stepped in and helped us determine the most important steps over the “nice to haves” in order to keep within budget. The result was a well implemented and executed plan with amazing results. Arlene and Cindy kept us informed, minimized the disruption to our family and kept the creative juices flowing. Friends and neighbors who saw the before and after cannot believe the transformation. Thank you!
– Randy M.

Looked stylish and ready to entertain our guests.

We completed a whole house remodeling using Arlene Ladegaard and the Design Connection, Inc. team two years ago. We decided to take a breather until this past winter. We were having a wedding this spring and wanted our home to look great for our guests. We called Arlene, to begin another project in our home. She took an outdated expensive sofa and restyled it and put on new fabric and pillows. We ordered new chairs, but kept many of the older pieces. With great finesse she was able to create a wonderful space using our existing furnishings and adding a few updated upholstery pieces and accessories. Our home looked stylish and ready to entertain our guests. We want to thank Arlene and her team for a job well done.
– Kim and Steve E.

Better than I could have ever imagined.

I hired this company for space planning, painting, wall paper, window treatments, carpet, furniture, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, and decorating of my new home. They took the colors that I love and designed and created a beautiful home. I could not be at the home to review, but walked in the completed project and it was better than I could have ever imagined.
– Pam Hon

The final product is gorgeous!

In reviewing options for our remodeling project, we encountered many contractors and designers that also have distribution relationships for specific cabinet companies and other vendors. We wanted a seasoned design professional with knowledge of multiple vendors that could help us first create the vision and then match us with the resources best suited to deliver our vision.

Arlene and the Design Connection, Inc. team did a great job of helping us create a transitional space plan and design that incorporated our vision while maintaining the character and grandeur of our 85 year-old Tudor.
The final product is gorgeous!
– Scott W, & Miriam H.

Both functional and beautiful.

Arlene and her team’s transformation of our home was spectacular! Thanks to her, we now have a design concept and a plan that is both functional and beautiful. Even after 7 years, we still love it! Her attention to detail, years of experience and professional contractors made the whole experience so enjoyable! Thanks again Arlene and The Design Connection!
– Shelly Christ

Worked out beautifully.

Our relationship with your company started back in the early part of 2012. You were not recommended to us and we chose your company by looking on the Internet for a design company. We picked yours because we knew your location was easy to find and by chance, we got the pick of the litter.

We wanted a company that would help us with picking furniture, window treatments, carpet and tile for our living room, along with paint colors inside and outside of our home. Not only did you help, you went beyond our expectations.

Your expertise and experience in putting colors and fabrics together is outstanding. Your suggestion of putting the tile across the living room from the front door has worked out beautifully and the color and design are exceptional. As for the windows, Roman shades have worked out perfectly. The carpet color we were not sure about, but once it was laid, it looks great and goes perfectly with all the colors in all the rooms. The paint colors you picked, along with the fabric and colors of the furniture could not have been better. And who would have thought periwinkle blue for the outside of the house would have turned out so beautiful.
– Rick and Sue M.

Your work has aged beautifully and the richness of it is even more evident.

Arlene, I wanted to compliment you on how much Susan and I appreciate the work you did in designing and furnishing our newly constructed home in Falcon Ridge over five years ago. I know we complimented you then but, with time, your work has aged beautifully and the richness of it is even more evident.

As you know, we put our trust in you to design all aspects of our home and furnishings – down to the smallest detail. We live with your decisions each and every day and we are so happy. You gave us everything we wanted and needed. You got to know us and you instinctively knew what would make us feel comfortable and at home. You were also very accurate in your predictions of how we would live in our home with children, dogs, and all of the things that come with raising a family. That was key to designing a home that is distinctive and beautiful, yet practical and accommodating.

The design selections you made over five years ago are as fresh now as they were then. To this day, guests in our home always compliment us on our “beautiful home.” In truth, that compliment goes to you.
– Bob L.

What a great experience. And we would gladly use them again.

Design Connection, Inc. was a joy to work with, showed up early and listened to all our requests. Within a short period of time we knew what direction we wanted to go and how much to budget for. We felt that we received prices that were reasonable and great follow through. The paint selections were right on, and the accessories tied our home together. What a great experience. And we would gladly use them again.
– Melanie M.

In reviewing options for our remodeling project, we encountered many contractors and designers that also have distribution relationships for specific cabinet companies and other vendors. We wanted a seasoned design professional with knowledge of multiple vendors that could help us first create the vision and then match us with the resources best suited to deliver our vision.

Arlene and the Design Connection, Inc. team did a great job of helping us create a transitional space plan and design that incorporated our vision while maintaining the character and grandeur of our 85 year-old Tudor.
The final product is gorgeous!
– Scott W, & Miriam H.

Arlene Ladegaard and her team at Design Connection, Inc. are amazing.

Arlene Ladegaard and her team at Design Connection, Inc. are amazing. Arlene worked very closely with me to determine the appropriate style that would not only please our design aesthetic but would also best serve our family’s living style. This was a refreshing change from other designers we had worked with and one that made the finished product beautiful AND livable. She was respectful of our opinions and our budget and helped us find savings at every opportunity without sacrificing the look we wanted. She has a stable of highly-talented subcontractors who were extremely professional and reliable. The project was completed on time and on budget. I highly recommend this company.
– Susan L.

We absolutely love spending time in our new room!

Four years ago Design Connection, Inc. redesigned our formal living room. Arlene Ladegaard created a new color scheme that we really loved. She updated our furniture, window treatments, carpeting and accessories.

We enjoy that room so much that we asked Arlene to redesign our family room this year. Arlene carried the color scheme from the living/dining room into our family room and completely redesigned and updated our fireplace to place a TV above it. We also love the floor to ceiling cabinets along one entire wall for storage for children’s toys so our room looks less cluttered. The new sectional and ottomans are comfortable and color is wonderful. We absolutely love spending time in our new room! Thanks Design Connection, Inc.
– Lori V.

Not only a talented professional but an expert in every aspect of interior design.

Last year we found Design Connection, Inc. on Houzz; we updated the master bedroom and bathroom with Arlene. She has proven to be not only a talented professional but an expert in every aspect of interior design. Her attention to detail, her extensive knowledge of products and her ability to envision the final design from the very beginning blew us away. We cannot wait until next year when we plan for Arlene to renovate the kitchen in our Kansas City home. 5 Stars!
– T. McCloud

Mundane bathroom into an elegant showpiece.

Arlene transformed our mundane bathroom into an elegant showpiece. Her recommendations were always on target and reflected her extensive experience. We couldn’t be happier with our bathroom, as it now is beautiful and looks more spacious. We look forward to working with her again on future projects.
– Debra P.

We love how our space is now warm, comfortable and inviting.

Arlene, we love how our space is now warm, comfortable and inviting thanks to you and your team! You have an expert eye for home decor and design. The space planning was our biggest stress since we had such a challenging space, but you helped us find the perfect layout and furniture for our needs. Thanks again for all your help!
– The Ahmeds

They listened to what we wanted and delivered in a huge way!

Arlene and the DC team did a phenomenal job with our new home. They listened to what we wanted and delivered in a huge way! When we bought the home, it was traditional and ordinary and did not reflect our tastes, but Arlene was able to completely revamp it with a contemporary, fresh look that we love! We had our first gathering this past weekend when we hosted a wedding shower for friends and everyone was in awe of everything from the furniture to the new light fixtures. Thanks a ton!
– Chris B.

Thanks for the beautiful interior redesign.

I would like to thank the team at Design Connection, Inc. for the beautiful interior redesign that was recently completed for me. A number of subtle changes were made which resulted in stunning improvements in areas that I had not considered. From paint and wood stain, accessory repositioning, furnishings, lighting, fixtures, window treatments…they did it all proactively, in a timely manner. The group of experienced designers & tradesmen were very considerate of my schedule and worked to make the entire project as seamlessly painless as possible. Thanks to Arlene, Cindy, Mike & the entire DC team!
– John S.

I love that my decorator isn’t divorcing me-I’ve dated around some and I know what’s out there!

I love that I was able to find a decorator who has expertly walked me through the whole process, and has so patiently reassured me about my choices… Most of all, I love that my decorator isn’t divorcing me-I’ve dated around some and I know what’s out there!
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– Sandra Smith

The end result is stunning.

A happy client is the best reward… Here is an unsolicited, but more than welcome comment that has made my day!

Arlene you do spectacular work. The end result is stunning. You are definitely doing what you are called to do. You have passion, skill and customer service all rolled in one package!
– Thank you Becky! =)

Arlene has always been fair and upfront with what it takes.

I have used the services of Design Connection, Inc. since 2001. Over the last 12 years, Arlene Ladegaard has provided me with creative ideas for several updates to my home. Arlene has always been fair and upfront with what it takes to get the job done as promised. I’m always amazed at her ability to be creative while incorporating my personal taste for design and decorating. Based on my experiences, I recommend the services of Design Connection, Inc.
– John

It’s absolutely beautiful.

Arlene, we are so appreciative of the stunning work you do. It’s amazing how you listen to what we like and from that create such an amazing, stunning dining room and living room. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thanks again for your talents.
– Becky C.

Arlene is a great collaborator and creative problem solver.

Arlene Ladegaard and her interior design firm, Design Connection, Inc. are consummate professionals and creative designers. We have partnered together on several kitchen renovations and other residential projects over many years. Arlene is a great collaborator and creative problem solver, providing beautiful and functional spaces for her clients and their families.
– Pamela Mathews Vernon, Classic Kitchens

I love it, love it.

Arlene, sometimes I just stand and admire all that you have done to our house and I feel like I am in a new home. I love it, love it, and I have you to thank. You helped us create a home that we dearly love and are so very proud of.
– Barb B.

Arlene completely reenergized the tired and dated look.

Arlene and her team did an amazing job helping me transform my 11 year old home. Through some simple, yet important changes – such as carpeting, painting and staging, Arlene completely reenergized the tired and dated look. Arlene has a true eye for color and design. In addition the timeliness of the service and the follow-up were exceptional. I highly recommend Arlene and the Design Connection, Inc. team.
– Teresa M.

My living room looks fabulous!

My living room looks fabulous! Arlene listened to what I had in mind and put together exactly what I wanted. This is the second room she has done and I can’t wait to start the third one.
Judy M.

A delicate mix of what looks good and what the customer likes.

We are grateful for having found Arlene and Design Connection, Inc. You listened and gave us the perfect balance in our home. If you would have incorporated all of your ideas and none of ours, the project would not have turned out as good as it did. Re-doing someone’s home is a delicate mix of what looks good and what the customer likes. You could have created a beautiful home that we didn’t like. Instead you created a beautiful home that we love!
We would highly recommend you and your team.
– Jeff S.

We highly recommend Arlene and her team.

Arlene is great. We met Arlene years ago when we moved to Overland Park, Kansas. She helped us decorate our house (selected paint colors, selected furniture and accessories, and remodeled our kitchen and bathrooms). Arlene was prompt and professional and did exactly what we asked of her. What we liked about Arlene is that she listened to what we wanted. We loved working with her. We recently moved into a new house, and we are again using Arlene. Arlene worked with our builder in all respects, i.e., selected colors, stains, fixtures, carpet, and hardware and designed the bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace, and bars. She has created furniture designs throughout the house, which we are in the process of implementing. We highly recommend Arlene and her team.
– Jill W.

It has been truly a joy to work with Arlene and the Design Connection team.

Dick and I have been very fortunate to have worked with Arlene Ladegaard and her staff at Design Connection, Inc. on two projects. In 2004 Arlene helped us with a master bedroom project. We transformed two existing bedrooms, a closet, and bathroom into a beautiful and spacious master suite. Arlene did the design work, planned the walls to be removed and the layout of the space. As she was doing the drawings for the project, she suggested we raise the ceiling in the new bedroom, and what a huge difference that made. The room seemed so much larger and much more spacious. Her creativity helped us make our bedroom even more special. She has a tremendous eye for color, and helped us select tile, carpet, wall color and window treatments that coordinated perfectly. We have been so pleased with this room and enjoy it every single day.

Currently Arlene has helped us remodel the living space in our home. Our entry has become a truly grand entrance into our home. Her knowledge of design trends and products have created beautiful changes in the great room and dining room. The ceiling was raised in the dining room, new trim was installed and a faux paint was added to the ceiling and one wall. Our dining room is now the most unique gorgeous room. A faux paint was continued into the dinette to create continuity to the home. New upholstery, drapes, and carpet have given the great room an updated look which coordinates with the other rooms. Arlene works with her clients to discover their likes in colors and the way they live in their home. She works tirelessly trying to find the perfect product in the right color for each project to make it as perfect as possible. She has many contractors who work with her and are all exceptional workers. They are very clean, neat, and polite people that you would not mind having in your home. Her projects are all organized so we always knew who would be working on any given day. Arlene follows up with the workers, checking on their work, and helping with decisions along the way. It has been truly a joy to work with Arlene and Design Connections, Inc. and we highly recommend them to others.
– Barb & Dick B.

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