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Kitchen Remodel in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Kitchen Remodel - After

This project has been the most remarkable Kansas City kitchen design that Design Connection, Inc. has had the opportunity to be involved. The client came to us with wanting to raise the roof of an upstairs apartment over their insurance office. It would be doomed at the center and curved down at both ends. The walls would be very tall and the living space would be all in one area. The challenge was make the kitchen and bar area be part of the living space with furniture and still seem spacious. We selected a beautiful natural maple for the cabinets and raised them up high. Our client loved blue pearl for the granite countertops. We raised a glass area above the cook top with steel tubes to put spices when they were cooking. The table was designed to be part of the island and bar stools was perfect for the counter high tops. The refrigerator and freezer drawers were hidden behind wood doors and make the kitchen look seamless.

The lighting was truly amazing. We accented under the island with rope lights to create interest and make a separation from floors. The monorail lights went from one part of the room across to the other. The sheet rock was curved to accent light up to the ceiling. Lighting was used throughout the space to create interest and became an architectural feature in the room. This home has stood the test time and is considered classic in design.

Design Connection, Inc. Kansas City interior design provided kitchen design, space planning, countertops, plumbing, appliance, cabinet selections and interior design Kansas City.

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