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The trend in furniture today is straight lines and wonderful finishes. The days of heavy dark over scaled furniture are gone. Our upholstery has wonderful interesting lines and linen fabrics are really hot. You may dramatically change the look of a room by adding a few current new pieces and eliminating what seems old and out of date. Check out magazines to find out what is current in today’s interior design!

Arlene’s Thoughts:

Why Use an Interior Designer

Designing a room or multiple rooms in your home can seem challenging and overwhelming. The most common stumbling block is the anxiety over how much it will cost to complete the project. Should you employ a do-it-yourself mentality or hand the reins over to a professional interior designer?

Even though some people think that hiring an interior designer is too expensive, doing so will actually save you time and money. We do it right the first time!

We make sure to first establish how the space will be used, the client’s design style, and most importantly our client’s budget. We feel it is vital to meet their expectations.

For each project I undertake, we prepare a professional space plan based on the client’s ideas and lifestyle. Then use that information to determine the size and scale of each piece to go into the finished room, right down to the last accessory. As a result I know exactly how each piece will function within the space.

We purchase our products directly from the manufacturers which allow us to pass those savings onto our clients, saving them a substantial amount of money. We have established relationships with furniture manufacturers all over the country. This allows us to access products not seen in the local area and to give our clients a unique look specifically tailored to their lifestyles.

The day of filling your rooms with lots of accessories are gone and simple is better. Give away your old silk plants and accessories that just take up space. Unique and simple pieces that are stylish are complementing our spaces today!

With every project, I subscribe to a timeless and classic style, and avoid current trends or fads, as those are short-lived and fade quickly. The current color trend is gray, and I like to pair it with colors my client’s love so their design will stand the test of time. If you are living with colors you love, you will not tire of them soon.

When working with a professional, there are no surprises. You will know exactly what it will cost and can be assured that the pieces you buy for the room will actually fit. I feel a skilled professional interior designer can find the right product for the right space.

“A professional interior designer can provide lasting and exceptional value, along with savings that complement the budget, all while completing the room and delivering a space that is unique with a lasting look.”

We always space plan our projects


Design Tip: “Always make sure that the furniture you’re planning on purchasing is in scale to the room they will be in. Furniture showroom floor is larger in scale than your home so everything appears smaller than they really are.”
– Arlene –


Design Connection, Inc. is an authorized dealer for many of the top furniture manufactures in the industry including but not limited to:

Hickory White Furniture
C.R. Laine Furniture
Stanley Furniture
Norwalk Furniture
Artistica Furniture
Burton James Furniture
Design Master Furniture

Hooker Furniture
Summers Classics
Palatial Furniture
Palacek Furniture
Steinworld Furniture
Saloom Furniture
Woodard Furniture

Brownstone Furniture
Creative Elegance Furniture
Global Views
Lorts Furniture
Fremarc Furniture
Woodbridge Furniture

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