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The master bedroom is often the most neglected room in the house. Think about yours: Is it restful? Does the color inspire you? Is your bedding like a cocoon? While we spend 8-10 hours of the day in that one room, it’s the least inspired. But it should be the most. A well-designed bedroom can help you settle down at night and jumpstart you every morning. A room that caters to your personal needs and desires, such as with luxurious linens, a cozy reading chair or a coffee bar, can energize or soothe you. If you’re ready to allow yourself a bit of luxury, start finding the answers for yourself.

Q: Why don’t people focus on their private spaces?

A: I get no calls just for master bedrooms. People go to hotels and love feeling spoiled, but they don’t address it at their own home. When I do bedrooms, it’s part of a larger design project. At the least, every bedroom should be well-ventilated and have great light. I put in beautiful coordinated bedding that is comfortable and looks soothing. We also usually do the master bath (link to bathroom page) to coordinate with the bedroom, and clients say they feel so pampered.

Q: How do you make a bedroom a soothing sanctuary?

A: First of all, the right color and not a lot of clutter. Some people don’t want a TV in their room, and I agree. TV just gets you all worked up. If you take time to relax or read, you’ll have a better night of sleep. Get a good light over your bed so you can read; sometimes the room is too dark. Comfortable bedding is a must; choose 100-percent cotton. Some bedding looks great but doesn’t really work out. Duvets look good but they get really hot. Lots of shams and pillows also look great, but in the middle of the night, they get tossed off the bed.

Q: How should I furnish my bedroom?

A: You don’t need much in the room besides the bed, a headboard, at least one nightstand or table, and two lamps. Just be sure to scale the furniture down so it doesn’t overpower the room. A proper space plan such as we provide will give you an idea of the right dimensions. Your furniture doesn’t have to match, but it should look like it goes together, and your tables need to be at the same height so your lamps are level.

Q: What should be the focal point of my bedroom?

A: The bed, or more specifically, the bedding. If you have a headboard, it should be high. No bed skirts allowed. Men don’t like pillows; women do. You should at least have supportive back pillows made with down to prop you up while reading. I like to put benches or two ottomans at the end of the bed or even a low sofa. That serves so many functions, from rolling bedding onto, to getting dressed to making it easier for kids and animals to get up.

Q: How do I keep clutter out of the room?

A: You have to have furniture to put stuff in, but many people just don’t. The second part of that statement is that you have to be willing to put things away in the furniture you have. In closets, we often call in cabinet companies to address specific situations; they can be costly but at least they’ll keep you organized.

Design Tip: “Treat yourself to beautiful cotton sheets and to a soft wonderful blanket or down comforter. Our client’s often spend their budget on furniture and window treatments, but neglect the bedding and sell themselves short. Treat yourself and enjoy!”



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