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Who doesn’t like to go to the spa? The idea of coming home and relaxing your cares away after a stressful day is wholly enticing. Gathering ideas for a bath remodel isn’t a problem – there are myriad options in materials to create any look you like. Just remember to keep an eye on your budget at the outset because costs can quickly escalate, especially in the master bathroom. Why? It’s labor-intensive, requiring many different specialty subcontractors: demolition crew, carpenter, electrician, plumber, tiler, painter and floorer. With Arlene’s guidance, a prepared space plan and confidence in your selected materials, that confusing construction process will be a smooth transition into your gleaming new bath.

Q: Why is a spa feeling so important to people?

A: It gives them the ability to relax and a place to recharge. That’s what a bath should be. A chandelier above a slipper tub or a vanity with a marble top makes that room feel special, like they’ve arrived somewhere.

Q: Should my bathroom match my bedroom?

A: The colors should coordinate. It should look seamless because one is an extension of the other. If you update one room, you really should address both.

Q: What colors are best/worst for bathrooms?

A: We don’t have many orange or red bathrooms, never loud colors. You want more of a neutral or soothing aqua or gray. The more pinky/peachy tones work best with skin color; green and yellow make you look awful. In conjunction, if you change lightbulbs to a pink tone, it will be more flattering.

Q: How important is lighting in the bathroom?

A: Lighting should come from many sources: above the mirror, sconces on the side, canned lights, and an interesting, central fixture. I love a chandelier in the middle of a bathroom. Practically, you also want a fan so it’s not hot and humid.

Q: What materials are best for wet situations?

A: When it comes to flooring, we do tile with heating elements so it makes the whole room warm. You could also use hardwood, which is naturally warm and soft, but it’s not generally recommended. For counters, I recommend quartz because it’s gotten quite attractive and it won’t absorb makeup, lotion or astringents.

Q: What are some of the best new products to update the bathroom?

A: A lot of my clients use different showerheads, like rain shower heads and adjustable rods that create a lot more force and make the shower easier to rinse down. Steam showers are hot, literally. Glass enclosures with Euro doors that swing both directions are my favorite, but they cost twice as much. There are so many faucets to choose from today. Oil-rubbed bronze has fallen out of favor; the new look is chrome. Everyone wants a standalone tub, although I personally think they’re uncomfortable and difficult to get in and out of. You have to lie in one first to know whether you’ll like it.

Q: How much storage should I have?

A: Most bathrooms seem to have three drawers and a cabinet. That can be challenging to put everything in! If I can, I like to build in shelves between studs or put in cubbies for storing towels, which can also look decorative and soften the space.

Q: How can I overcome a bathroom that is too large/too small?

A: If the room is large, I’m known to add big ottomans for putting on shoes or chatting with family while getting ready. If the space is small, I like to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall because it appears to expand the room. Even though I don’t like plate glass mirrors personally, if you install one, it reflects three times the amount of light.

Design Tip: “Your master bedroom should always transition seamlessly into your master bathroom. If it doesn’t, consider a redesign. Updating one or the other, or both, will create an elegant yet effortless look.”



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